BeeWize Honey

Bee Wize Honey is focused on supporting the local Beekeepers for all of their requirements from simple woodenware to complex equipment. Maintaining an inventory of all of the basic items for beekeeping in Crossfield Alberta they have access to most types of equipment and support special orders for those
  unique requests.

Where We Sell

Crossfield Famer's Market

Banta Park,
Crossfield, AB
T0M 0S0 
Each Thursday evening  


Assembled Beeswax Deep Frame

hese frames are made with a wooden frame and a wired beeswax foundation. The frames are high quality and bees take to them quickly. Purchasing pre-assembled frames will save you time and money.

Leather Gloves   

The Dancing Bee Steward Gloves offer a high level of protection and excellent comfort. They are made up thick canvas, lush quality goat skin leather, and durable stitching

bee suit Vented

The three layers of poly/cotton vented material will hold up even with rugged beekeeping and long days in the bee yard. With a strong metal zipper and reinforced knee pads, this suit is made to last. The hood offers comfort and a clear view. Elastic cuffs provide snug fitting without being too tight. Utility pockets also provide needed storage for when working in the yard. Available in various sizes from S - XXL.